Learning through play

Ah, the games and technology today. Children as young as 3 are playing on Iphones, Ipads, game consoles, PS3 and so on. We can criticize it and compare their amusements with what we used to do for fun in our days, but unfortunately we can't stop it. While it might be fun to have an outdoorsy week-end, building dens, picking berries, making real daisy chains, there is always the coming back indoors and turning on the electronic devices. We can't stop the peer pressure of being up to date with the latest technology and we can't stop the trends. What we can do, is to acknowledge that technology is after all a good learning tool. Some games and programs offers the kids plenty opportunity to practice their maths (without even realizing they're doing it), learn about life, literature, develop their communication skills and lots more.

One of these helpful and highly educational programs is Disney Games Global that includes two award-winning, safe, ad-free online virtual worlds for Kids ages 6-12.
Disney’s Club Penguin is a snow covered island where Kids let their imaginations soar while playing games, making friends and adopting virtual pets.
Disney Fairies Pixie Hollow Online allows girls to leave the Mainland behind while creating an unforgettable flitterific adventure based upon Tinker Bell and her Fairy friends.
Both products help Kids learn important concepts like reading, math and typing, all in a fun, interactive environment.
Click here to start Learning and Growing with Club Penguin - practice reading, develop keyboarding skills and participate in creative role-playing. Explore today and be assured that in doing it, you are facilitating education, for your child as well as for other children of the world:
Disney’s Club Penguin has helped 200,000 kids go to school and provided medical care for 2 million people. Explore Club Penguin today.