Kids in school - Home Yoga and how do I get motivated

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Yoga classes are great. I've been going to the yoga classes at our local yoga gym for 2 years (morning sessions after the school run). It was a great introduction to yoga and my fitness and flexibility greatly improved during that time  Unfortunately, after a while, I learned all the routines and I became bored, I lost interest and focus and stopped going thinking that I am going to continue practicing at home as no equipment is needed (not to mention the gym fees). 
Yoga at home didn't last long despite the built in know how. I simply lacked the self discipline to do everything as I ought to. I rushed things and skipped my least favorite poses and wished for something new. Looked on YouTube: plenty of yoga demos there, interesting and often funny to watch, however, none gave me the urge for a  yoga home practice. 

 Recently I came across an amazing website that solved all my home yoga issues: Yogasync.tv  is a Interactive online Yoga Training & Education Video Service where I now have access to   hundreds and hundreds of  yoga videos (Increasing). 
The videos are easy to follow, the soundtrack is relaxing and the pace is as it should be. 
No need to rush, no need to ever get bored waiting. Where there's a relaxation sequence, all it's quiet and still. I can close my eyes. There are no distractions with in the yoga videos. No competition (well just keeping up with the yoga teacher's instructions and occasionally glancing at the person who is demonstrating the moves). I have now worked my way through 40 different yoga videos, and there are many to go. Every day I look forward to see what  next yoga class is going to be about. I can choose the yoga class depending on my mood. Every session is different. I can pause, restart, re watch whenever I have a free hour. No need to book or drive anywhere. I grasp self awareness, yet there is no self consciousness involved as I am all alone. I am guided through the yoga sequences by a very experienced teacher and I can see whether I am doing it right by glancing at the screen every now and then. 
 I totally recommend it Click here to visit this site and fall in love or  fall into your heart (or  any  favorite yoga pose)

 You can be a gold member or a platinum member. 
Gold Plans cost $9.95 a month while Platinum Plans costs $17.95/ month. 
If you're not quite sure what is it about, you can try and test for 10 days for $1 only. 

As I've signed up for the Platinum Plan, I've got access to all Video editing Tools which means I  can Create my own custom Yoga PosturesCreate my own custom Yoga Routines, claim and modify any syncs available on the website. 

 In the unlikely event you're not thrilled with your purchase, you're fully protected by the Yogasync.tv 100% unconditional 30-day money-back guarantee! 

Click here to discover the power of this efficient and easy to follow online Yoga service.  JOIN NOW  and get back in touch with your inner, better, fitter healthier self. 

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