Tea Collection summer styles for kids

Summer is here, so we'll be spendint lots of time travelling or enjoying the great outdoors with the kids. We want them to keep cool, be comfortable in their clothes so they can play and run around freely, we also want to take great photos for the family album. All that means, the kids need the right clothes for every playful outing.
The best place to look for comfortable, cool summer clothing styles for free range children is Tea Collection

Tea Collection brings worldwide cultures and modern designs that express the spirit of adventure abroad to children's clothing for ages 0-12. At Tea Collection, hey believe in connection. In curiosity. In conversation. They believe in the way traveling makes the world small enough to understand, respect and celebrate. Most of all, they believe in the little citizens of the world.
The coolest styles this summer are to be found in Citizen Blue collection that draws on inspiration from travels on the sea. They put a spin on classic stripes with playful graphics or a bow tie, being inspired by all things nautical like sand dollars, anchors, sea gull and submarines. 
Here's a few favorites. 

Tea Collection Bhuvana Shoulder-Tie Romper - $35.00

Bhuvana is an Indian girl's name that means "the earth." This embroidered romper features details inspired by Indian block prints, and it's perfect for the little girl who means the world to you.

Tea Collection Language of the Sea Set - $80.00

He'll be ready to hit the water (or just hang poolside) with this stylish set. Click on style names below for details:

Tea Collection Aakriti Henley Dress - $29.50

Aakriti is an Indian girl's name that means "shape." The woodsy shapes within the pattern of this dress remind us of trees, and the pattern is inspired by traditional Indian woodblocks.

Tea Collection Happy Lotus Set - $78.00

These fun styles will make for one happy girl. Click on style names below for details: