Back to study - does your child gets enough homework?

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I don't know about you girls, but last school year my 7 years old daughter didn't get enough homework from school. Well once a week, it's simply not enough! Not to mention that over the summer holiday she only had to do a few pages of sums and to read a book.

Other parents in the school too are complaining that the educational level of that class is very low, despite the fact that at the parents meetings, the teacher has only words of praise for our little geniuses!

I do agree that praise is good, but I didn't believe for a minute it was well deserved.

This is why over the summer, I looked all over the net for some extra educational resources for school aged children, so that my daughter can learn some extra stuff, without feeling that she is doing homework. And I am pleased that I did.

I found Essential Skills Advantage, an online educational resource for children from kindergarten to grade 6. Their programs offer professional grade learning tools based on leading educational research and best practices.
In addition, I also came across  the POWER MY LEARNING website, which was equally educational, but completely FREE of any charge.

Their program helped build my daughter's academic confidence and motivation and provided her the essential skills required to deserve praise, and achieve success !

Subjects available include: Math, Reading & Language, Science, & Geography.

Now my daughter is ready to start school on Monday, well prepared and well amused as well, and when her teacher will tell me that my daughter is doing great and is very smart and so on, I will not reply "Are you sure? " buy a very very smug "I know!!!"

You too can check out Essential Skills Advantage today! They offer a 30 day money back guarantee on all purchases but I shouldn't think you'll ever use that!

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I also recently came across an non profit website, where they have all sorts of fun computer games for children. My original thought has been that she needs to learn instead of playing but only later I discovered that the games on this site are for learning. They are educational, they are fun, they appeal to my kids, they tackle school main subjects, what a fantastic way of tricking the kids into studying. They're thinking they're just playing but I know better. On top of everything, this site is free and it's called Power My Learning. Find out more.