How to prepare your baby photography photo shoot

Do you want to learn how to organize your baby photography photo session?

Baby photography requires planning. There are so many things to think about before you even start your photo session. I will go through a few steps so that you can organize your photo session in a successful manner. The very first thing that I will do is to line up an assistant to spot the baby.

My idea is to photograph 3 different poses with different props and color themes.

The first one will be the baby in the nest with lots of textures, soft fabrics and earthy tones. I will be shooting from above and the baby will be lying in a comfy position. I am not going to fuss about hands and feet, because I want this pose to be super simple. Legs may cross or be flat and hands will be on tummy or near the face.

What is better than Pinterest to help organize all this? My first board is for the first photograph that I will take. First Photograph: Baby in the nest, earthy tones. Very natural.

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