Keeping the kids presentable without limits of any kind

It seems to me that my kids get muckier by the day. They're 6 and 7 years old and their clothing doesn't seem to have the ability of staying clean for more that an hour.  They're getting louder and chattier at the breakfast table, more adventurous in the garden - doing all sorts of experiments involving mud and mushy leaves and snails. It's all very good fun for them, as they don't seem to care about their clothing and how they look. For me, it used to be annoying seeing those fetching designer dresses smeared with ketchup or that smart looking navy stripes t-shirt turned into a house for the dead bird at the bottom of the garden. I was annoyed because I used to spend a lot of my hard earned cash on adorable designer children clothing and my kids very seldom looked the picture. For a while I given up the designer feature of my kids clothing and just bought cheap and basic essentials. Well, this time, I spent a lot less on children's clothing , (more for me) but my poor kids on top of  being dirty they also looked rather unfashionable and poor. 
However, I recently discovered where to buy adorable looking children's clothing, at very basic prices and it's not e-bay - the second hand section. No! 
The place is called Zulily and let me tell you I'm in love with it. 
zulily.com, somehow manages to get the biggest and most fashionable brands to sell their stock at fantastically discounted prices. Unfortunately,  the products are only on offer for a few days. So, shopping at zulily.com is a bit like a hunt. I know that my son really needs a pair of jeans, but I consider myself lucky if I find the ideal pair of jeans the day I need it. Instead I browse through the daily offers and let me tell you that with a little bit of planning ahead, you can stock up the kids wardrobe so well that they'll never lack a clean smart outfit for a birthday party or a visit to their least favorite auntie. 
And wait! There's more to Zulily than children's clothing. They also have gifts, toys, home decor and travel stuff, kitchen essentials and obviously fashion for the moms and dads - all from good quality brands and all at very special prices. Something new every day! Shop women’s on zulily.com
And if that's not enough, you can get a lot of your stuff for free: Simply by browsing and sharing your favorite finds on Facebook and Pinterest, basically recommending them to your friends and followers, you can earn as much as $15 store credit  per new sign-up. So your time spent on zulily.com, looking for things that you need can translate into Zulily store credit. 

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