Tooth brushing made fun with brush buddies

Are your kids pretending to brush their teeth? Do you find yourself smelling their breaths and checking the cleanliness of their teeth with a torch every night? Do you have to send them back to brush again because you can still see traces of food stuck between their teeth. I used to do all these until they've got a set of brush buddies as a birthday present from their granny. Clever granny, she's wise enough to know that they don't need yet another toy that has no other practical purpose than to play and be thrown in the toy basket and forgotten in less than half an hour. And , thanks to Granny, the kids are now spending their due brushing time and no more pretending. They do it right. They simply like their Brush Buddies (I just call them mom's helpers).

Brush Buddies tooth brushes were developed with a mindset to make proper tooth brushing fun. At Brush Buddies, they developed a line of character-based toothbrushes that will make kids look forward to the tooth brushing time. To appeal to both boys and girls, they uses cute animals.
Brush Buddies is the answer to the everyday problem of brushing teeth and making that process fun. Brush Buddies are educational and fun for children, teens and adults. All Brush Buddies are are endorsed by Dentists and are sold at Dental offices nationally.Each of the Brush Buddies categories are unique and they have developed multiple items for you to pick from. Click here to browse through a wide variety of fun tooth brushes  for all ages and pricing from only $1.99 to $14.95.
And wait there's more: Some of these buddies pop, can talk and SING!!! - In fact the singing ones are soo fun that they even made some for adults - featuring Justin Bieber and Lady Gaga none of them my favorite.
I personally like the Exclusive LMFAO Singing Toothbrush singing to me "I'm so sexy and I know it "(because yes I've got one for myself and one my hubby as well - couldn't resist it - LMFAO )

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NEW! 1D Musical Toothbrush

These toothbrushes can make it into a fun and practical Christmas Gift for the kids and for the grown ups