On Mother's Day, my mom will read a book about herself!

With Mother's Day coming up soon, we all should do something special for them don't we? We could buy them yet another apron, baking set or teapot but isn't it time for our moms to stop making us tea and baking us cookies and simply at least on their special day, sit down, drink the tea and eat the cookies we made for them while browsing through a personal, heartfelt and moving gift we made?
 I am talking about creating a photo book for them this year.
 I have been using the Blurb Designer Instant book template to make a professional quality but personal style photo book filled with memories for mom.
All pictures I included are featuring her MOM accompanied by her children, friends and grandchildren. The book is all about her, about how nice the parties she threw for us were, how good she looks at 56, how brave she was when she tried water skying or horse riding, how loved she is and how lovable.

These Blurb Instant Books are extremely easy to create, take about an hour of fun, and the prices start at just $12.99.

I am sure this photobook  is one of those things she will discreetly place on the coffee table hoping that everyone passing by will have a look at.

What will you include in your photo book?

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