Freshly Baked Cookies - instant cheer

Are you good at baking? That's great - here's a wonderful idea on how to cheer up even the cloudiest soul with a home baked basket of delicious cookies. Looks pretty doesn't it? I must admit I'd prefer one of these to a bunch of red roses for my birthday. 
However, if you're not that into home baking but you do struggle to think of an original  gift  for somebody you love, read on, because there is a place on internet where you can order cookie gifts for any occasion, any size and any flavor. This place is called Mrs Fields Cookies  and you 're guaranteed to fall in love with Mrs Fields as soon as you taste one of her cookies. 
Mrs. Fields Cookies offers fresh-baked gifts for every occasion including birthdays, anniversaries, Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Christmas and Hanukkah; as well as any sentiment you wish to express—Thank You, Get Well, Best Wishes, and Thinking of You. 
Each cookie is baked fresh and each gift basket is packaged with personal attention to detail, right down to each hand-tied bow. In fact, they guarantee the quality, freshness, and presentation of their gifts.


PS. If you're planning to host a party and you don't have that much time for baking large quantities of perfectly turned out cookies, cakes or pastries click here
 David's Cookies: Cakes, Brownies & More, Free Shipping!

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