The Kickboard USA Mini Kick Scooter

Kickboard USA Mini Kick Scooter - $84.99
Your little kid can't wait to keep up with the big kids in the neighborhood. All this skateboarding, and biking, and swinging on swings - why, she even has a suspicion that some of these big kids get to ride in the car without a car seat! The future looks fun, and she wishes she could have all that fun now. The Kickboard USA Mini Kick Scooter is so easy for little kids to learn and use that the big kids will be astonished. This ultra-lightweight Swiss-made scooter for preschoolers has a three-wheeled design, a low-to-the-ground deck, and a lean-and-steer handle that all make it simple and intuitive for small children to "surf the sidewalk." The Mini Kick Scooter feels safe and stable, and the two wheels are in front so kids won't accidentally kick the wheels while pushing off. So little riders learn fast, and you'll be amazed by how fast your child picks up awesome scooting skills! The Mini Kick Scooter has a sturdy plastic deck that's sized to fit both of your child's feet, and it has a foot brake in the rear just like a big-kid scooter. The scooter wheels are quiet and non-marking, so if your child gets her Mini Kick for the winter holidays, she can try it out indoors, and shock absorbers provide a smooth ride. Finally, the Mini Kick Scooter weighs only 3.3 pounds, so if your little athlete gets tired midway through a trip, you can hang her scooter on the back of the stroller. The Kickboard USA Mini Kick Scooter is suggested for ages 3-5, and it's won loads of awards - get yours today and see why! 
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