Lego - the best toy ever; Lego friends - best friends forever

       Lego is the best toy ever. I say that because I still have Lego from my childhood and that is 40+ years ago. I am glad that my daughter loves building and playing with Lego bricks as well . She uses my old pieces to build up to her kingdom as she calls it. Lego is versatile and it last forever, well decades at least. When it comes in a pretty inspirational box set like Lego Friends box sets come, there's no limit to the creative imaginative play fun the children have. My daughter started with a pink LEGO Bricks and More Pink Brick Box 4625 , then I gave her my collection of special vintage  lego pieces, that helped her add some character to her old stone cottage, her garden and her swimming pool. Soon, as she insisted that she wanted to increase her kingdom, I started buying her, for a 10 star treat or at Christmas, Easter, and Birthday present  these Lego Friends Sets (see below).  She's been playing the same game for over 4 years now and she's not bored. She redecorates her kingdom every now and then, she helps Olivia, Stephanie, Emma, Andrea and Mia with their career choices, their daily tasks, their pets, their cooking, their driving, their everything. She's indeed the Queen of Her Own Domain and a good one as well. This is why I totally recommend Lego and Lego Friends above any other fancy toy that kids may ask  for just because they have seen an ad on the television. 
Lego keeps the kids engaged for a lot longer, encourages them to be creative, tidy and helps them make sense of the world around them, in the same time allowing them to redesign those aspects of life that they don't quite agree with. 
LEGO Friends 3187 Butterfly Beauty ShopLEGO Friends 3183 Stephanie's Cool ConvertibleLEGO Friends 3065 Olivia's Tree House