Santa is out there with unbeatable proof

"Santa Claus is out there, dear kids and up to date, technologically speaking" - This is what I'll say to my kids this Christmas and I'll have the means to prove it. I've been telling them all year that Santa has spies all around the house and can see them at all times through the key holes, the TV, the windows and  the light bulbs. As a result, dear kids, Santa, comes Christmas time, knows whether you've been doing more good things than bad things and will gift you accordingly. I knew they only half believed what I've told them and forgot about it 5 minutes later, but this year, they'll have the surprise of their life, they'll get the living proof that Santa does exist, does watches, does know everything and on top of that he's kind, forgiving and generous. My means to proove all this below:

125X125 Banners
This l website that I guarantee will thrill your kids this Christmas. Check it out at Capture the Magic. How it works: You upload a picture of your living room, or more and they simply put Santa on the scene. Come Christmas morning, you can impress your kids with your convincing Santa Proofs.

Live Personalized Phone Call From Santa Claus. Santa will know all about the last year's mishaps and good deeds, will be fun, kind and friendly and after their little chat on the phone, your little one will be a believer forever.

The Santa Video The Santa Video is a truly unique fun-filled family experience, allowing parents to create a high quality video of Santa Claus visiting their very own home! Utilizing green screen technology, parents upload a picture, select a Santa Claus skit, and let our software superimpose Santa Claus right into your living room! Parents can then visit their streaming video online or download an HD copy to burn to dvd, edit, or add to youtube. Available around the clock for support and happy to create any customisations to your liking.

What would you like your child to improve? brushing teeth? eating their meal? Cleaning their room? remember their manners? be good to their siblings? Do they listen to you when you ask them to behave? I bet not. Let the good advice come from Santa Claus, in an free Personalized Letter from Santa Claus :Santa's Official Nice List. In addition, you can get a  Free Personalized Christmas Countdown Calendar. If you like your free printables above, ( I bet you will), you can also choose to order a personalized PackageFromSanta.com (starting at only $14.99), to reward the little believer for all that good behavior in the countdown to Christmas. Also get a free personalized video message from Santa Claus with any order. Cool!
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Find a housekeeper at Care.com!Demonstrate them that Santa lives in the 21st century, just like us and keeps up with today's  technology: Santa Sent Me A Message Personalized Video Message From Santa (60% Off) ACT FAST! This deal requires quick redemption ONLY $12